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Address:  Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, Moscow

Design — 2005–2013
Implemented — 2005–2013

Winner of the «International Property Awards» competition (Great Britain, London, 2013)


The Mercury City Tower Complex which occupies an important place in Moscow International Business Center Moscow City is situated between the Federation Tower and the City Hall building. In spite of the compact territory typical for development of the central part of the USA megalopolises, and thereafter a small area of the building foundation, architects managed to create an original stepped tapering outline. But unlike symmetric composition of the Stalin period high–rise buildings, height of the building increases only at one side to the central core of the MIBC Moscow City.

Entrance halls, service and security departments, a restaurant, and shopping areas are located in the bottom part of the business center. The first underground floor is occupied by business premises; the second underground floor is a technical one. The third, fourth and fifth underground floors are designated for parkings.

The above–ground part of the center is divided into functional areas:

  • The office part is located from 4th to 40th floors;
  • Apartments are located from 42d to 65th floors;
  • Penthouses occupy the 69th and 70th (which includes five levels) floors;
  • 41t, 59th, 66–68th are technical floors.

The stepped outline of the building allows to form a cascade of winter gardens.

Technical and economic performance:

  • Building area — 3 482 m²
  • Total area of the complex — 173 960 m², including:
    • Apartments — 21 719,9 m²
    • Offices — 89 025 m²
    • Trading floor space — 1 310 m²
    • Catering establishments — 2 524 m²
    • Administration of apart–hotel, club part — 1 531 m²
    • Parking — 17 555 m²
    • Technical rooms — 40 295,1 m²
  • Above–ground block — 143 181 m²
  • Under–ground block — 30 779 m²
  • Number of storeys — 75 floors (the 70th floor has five–levels)
  • Building height: relative — 338,824 m, absolute — 469,124 m