Thursday, 21 January 2021

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Address:  28, Valovaya St., Moscow

Design — 2005
Realization — 2006–2011


Reconstruction of the building designed for the printing-office was required due to conversion of the object to multifunctional office center with a full set of accomplishing services, including street retail, a fitness center and a parking.

The project suggests reconstruction of the existing building into the multifunctional complex with multilevel building with an atrium in the central part, which includes:

  • A dining room, a fitness center and technical rooms on the underground level;
  • Shopping areas, a fitness center, and a cafe on the 1st level;
  • Parkings for employees and visitors on the 2nd–5th levels;
  • Class A offices on the 6th–11th levels;
  • Class A+ offices on the 12th and 12 mezzanine floors.

Structurally the building is implemented in a form of a framework from existing steel I-section columns with the subsequent concreting with flexible fittings. All levels of the complex are vertically connected by communication blocks. Scenic elevators are in placed in the central part of the building and they are used for the offices needs.

The parking became the main problem during designing and construction works. Because it was impossible to use underground space, it was decided to designate areas of the second, third and fourth floors for parking. Cars get to the parking levels through attached automobile ramp; the parking for A+ offices is serviced by the attached automobile elevator.

The building has obtained an atrium ensuring proper illumination of the internal premises, two additional storeys, panoramic elevators, and a lot of reassembled and reinforced blocks bearing metal structures. New facades are rich with glass. It helps to preserve the rhythmic architectural context of post-war buildings along the Garden Ring.

Improvements. A podium with granite tile paving is erected along the main facade of the building; the open parking in front of the main entrance is paved by granite stone blocks; the sidewalk along the building is paved by granite tiles; flower boxes and tabs with trees are placed on the lawns.

Technical and economic performance:

  • Plottage — 0,62 hectares
  • Building area — 4 698 m²
  • Top mark of the object — 50,45 m
  • Number of storeys — 12
  • Total area of the building — 44 581 m²
  • Structural volume — 192 310,67 m³
  • Number of parking places in parking — 360, including:
    • inside — 319
    • open — 41