Friday, 27 November 2020

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Address:  3, Sadovnicheskaya St., Moscow

Design — 1995–1996
Realization — 1997


The office building is situated at the intersection of Sadovnicheskaya Street and Raushsky Lane. Two of its sides are adjoining the building which belongs to the territorial administration. From Raushsky Lane it fronts the Balchug hotel.

The main entrance is located in Sadovnicheskaya Street and completes the compositional axis of the building. The entrance to the garage is located in Sadovnicheskaya Street. The entrance to the office building is on an earth mark. The security room is located in the lobby. One can pass to the offices through the elevator hall. A plan of a standard floor includes one office room. The transport hub is designed with a triple–flight–stair and two elevators. Natural lighting is carried out through a light well.

Technical and economic performance:

  • Building area — 554 m²
  • Total area — 4 530 m²
  • Total structural volume — 16 530 m³, including:
    • Above–ground block — 14 100 m³
    • Under–ground block — 2 430 m³