Thursday, 21 January 2021

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Address:  31, Novinsky Boulevard, Moscow

Design — 1996–1997
Realization — 1997–2002

Diploma of the International specialized exhibition «Investments — Construction — Real Estate of REALTEX–99».


The trade and business center building is located in the important place of the Garden Ring from the urban development point of view. It was designed in neoclassical style. It has stylobate foundation, revealed by rustic granite masonry; porticoes are supported by twinned columns also coated with granite. The building has blended with the surrounding architectural environment emphasizing its scale which is a characteristic feature of the main Moscow streets, such as Sadovaya Street, Tverskaya Street, the beginning of Leninsky Avenue. It is one of the first constructions of such volume implemented in granite. The «ventilated facades» system is used in the coating. The building’s internal courtyard is covered by translucent roofing and transformed into an atrium. The shopping area is located in a stylobate basement level and two ground floors. There is an underground parking.

An important creative element is the fountain in the shape of a column capital in front of the business center, which makes the final accord in Kudrinskaya square ensemble.