Monday, 18 January 2021

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Address:  3, Sredny Karetny Lane, Moscow

Design — 1997–1998
Realization — 1999–2000, 2001–2003 (new construction), 2003–2006 (additional storey)


Complex reconstruction of a site assumed reconstruction and additional storey construction of the buildings down Karetny Ryad Street, Malyi and Sredny Karetny Lane; demolition and new construction of an additional building on eastern bound of the site and construction of a building on Sredny Karetny Lane restoring the buildings line.

The additional storey has corridor–type planning with offices typical for institutions. A special attention is paid to the facades solution: facade of the building on Sredny Karetny Lane is subject to renewal with restoration of the lost elements; facades down Karetny Ryad Street, Malyi Karetny Lane reacquire the architectural scenery lost in the 1970th years with pediments, eaves, frames of window openings with casings, etc. The extended facade on Maly Karetny Lane is divided into two halves which correspond to historical logic of shaping of the building. The fourth or mansard floor which is built on at the entire front of the building continues and develops the main historical themes: symmetry axes are underlined and revealed; projections obtain completion in the form of pediments and attics with lucarne–windows, etc.