Monday, 20 May 2019

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Address:  4а, Nikitsky Lane, Moscow

Design — 2000–2001
Realization — 2001


The development site is situated in the territory of the Central administrative district; it is confined by Tverskaya, Mokhovaya, Bolshaya Nikitskaya Streets and Nikitsky Lane.

The territory belongs to the specially controlled urban development area – within the frames of the Moscow Kremlin preserve and the protected area of the Old University, architectural monument of the XVII–XVIII century, which area is 0,14 ha.

The 4–storey administrative building with plan dimensions for the first floor 8,500x24,900 and 10,500x24,900 for the top floors is located inside the quarter and is hidden from Nikitsky Lane by the 4–storey profitable house from northern side and a 4–storey office building from the southern side.

Its architecture is characterized by the high–tech style. Roof of the main space is separated from the roof of stairs and elevator units. All the roofs have irregular form.

The premises are designed as studies. The frame scheme of the building allows providing flexible inner layouts for the most convenient working space. The entrance group, security rooms and working hall are placed on the ground floor; the basement is occupied by engineering and technical premises. The building is equipped with the modern ventilation and air–conditioning systems. The finishing of the facade employs ventilated facade system; in facing with ceramic granite tiles are used.

Technical and economic performance:

  • Building area — 207,5 m²
  • Total area of the building — 991,9 m², including under–ground block — 167,5 m²
  • Working area — 480 m²