Monday, 25 March 2019

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Address:  16, Raushskaya Embankment, Moscow

Design — 1995–1998
Realization — 1998–2000


The development site, combining three historical housing estates on Raushskaya Embankment (№ 16,18 and 20) , is located in the north–eastern part of Zamoskvorechye, in the interfluve of the Vodootvodny Chanel and the Moskva River. The building is in close quarters to monuments of Russian and world cultural and historical value: the Moscow Kremlin ensemble, former Imperial Moscow Orphanage (Vospitatelny dom), the Cathedral of Nikola Zayaitsky, complex of buildings of the Moscow State Power Plant (MOGES).

The Business Center is situated in the symmetrical 9–storey building with side 6–storey projecting risalits and the main facade looking at the Moskva River. Cascade composition of the main facade from 6th to 9th floors is dividing the height of the building volume and makes it possible to introduce the building into the existing development scale.

The main entrance and driveway into the courtyard and symmetric entrance–ramp leading to the underground parking are designated from Raushskaya Embankment. Open parking for 49 cars is designed in the courtyard part.

Simple order forms of the facades, large mirror stained–glass panels and 2–storey rusticated stylobate create an imposing appearance of the Business Center and correspond to the existing historic environment.

Different types of decorative plasters, granite facing of the basement, stairs and main entrance portal, tinted glass in the external stained–glass panels were used for finishing of the facades.