Monday, 18 January 2021

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Address:  4, Novoslobodskaya Street, Moscow

Design — 1995–1996
Realization — 1997–1998


The site situated next to Novoslobodskaya metro station had been empty for a long time; then it was occupied by a wholesale market. Finally, the large shopping center with spacious shopping areas, a restaurant, a cafe and bank premises took place of the untidy trade.

The fanciful architectural and planning solution was determined by the site specific features: the new building envelopes the metro entrance hall with a smooth arch; curved line of the northern facade provides the passage between Novoslobodskaya and Sushchevskaya Streets. Along Novoslobodskaya Street the building is two–storey at the metro pavilion level, and from the side of Sushchevskaya Street the building is four–storey. The Center naturally fitted into the heterogeneous urban environment.

The architecture is presented in reconciling, background manner: notwithstanding the seeming uniformity of the facades (arches, pilasters, and fielded panels) they are different from one another, referring to neighboring buildings. In the meantime, there is no doubt that the building was erected for the purposes of trade: it is associated with the Russian merchant court due to the gallery, extended along the facades, rhythm of arches and bold color solution.

Upon completion of construction works, the Center was acquired by a Chinese company, which accommodated Druzhba shopping center there.