Monday, 25 March 2019

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Address:  7–9, Smolenskaya Square, Moscow

Design — 2001


The building site is partially within the integrated conservation zone of I. V. Zholtovsky's House and St. Nicholas Temple in «Shchipy» architectural monuments.

The project assumes that building 1 property 9 on Smolenskaya Square will be preserved to restore the perimeter development of the area. Also the complex includes properties 15–17 in 1st Smolensky Lane. An entertainment and leisure center with a pool is planned at the aboveground levels and the parking is designed at the underground level. The project provides integration of recreational area of the complex with Smolensky passage by closing 3rd Smolensky Lane, organizing a pedestrian precinct; and also connecting the underground levels by driving passage.

The building of the multifunctional complex is divided into two parts by an internal pedestrian area — a multicolored atrium. This solution allows locating both office and trading premises in an optimum manner and providing them with natural lighting. In the 1st Smolensky Lane the building goes down from the 13th floor (the 14th floor is a technical one) in steps thus opening view of the landmarked building of the St. Nicholas Temple in «Shchipy». To develop an integral view of the whole complex the building of the entertainment center facing 1st Smolensky Lane is solved similar to the stylobate zone of the multifunctional complex.

The mall, including cafes, restaurants, and service sectors is situated on the lower storeys. The shopping center integrates a courtyard with escalators and panoramic elevators. Offices with free layouts are situated above. The main entrance to the office part is through the atrium.

Facades of the complex are solved in traditional pseudoclassical style; modern materials are used emphasizing the building integrity to the Garden Ring.

Technical and economic performance:

  • Plottage — 1,02 hectares
  • Building area — 8 200 m²
  • Total area of the complex — 62 750 m²
  • Under–ground block — 18 150 m²
  • Above–ground block — 42 600 m²
  • Total area of parking — 11 500 m²
  • Number of parking places — 250
  • Offices area — 22 000 m²
  • Shopping space area — 17 750 m²
  • Cafe and restaurants area — 3 400 m²
  • Technical and auxiliary rooms area — 8 100 m²