Monday, 25 March 2019

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Address:  Strogino, Moscow

Design — 2007


The development site is confined by the MKAD (the Moscow Ring Road) on the north–west, an industrial area on the east and north–east and Lykovsky Driveway on the south. The huge center with area of more than 700 thousand m², which summons the famous Stonehenge, represents five 35–36–storey prismatic volumes, accommodated along the perimeter of the ellipse–shaped stylobate.

One more tower — a pair of cones cut into each other, which serves as a hinge joint, is situated in the geometric center of the composition. Besides the shopping center, this «city in the city» includes a business park, hotels, an apart–hotel, a congress center, recreation facilities and sports and fitness complexes, a car dealership and parkings. The stylobate and bridges for passage at the level of 33th–36th floors connect the building complex into a single unit and allow to reach restaurants, which are located at the top. Besides restaurants, 34th–36th floors comprise a conference zone for those working in the offices and a fitness center for the hotel and apartments inhabitants.