Thursday, 21 March 2019

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Address:  Vnukovo airport, Moscow Region

Design — 2006


The passenger pavilion of the «Vnukovo–2» air terminal complex planned as a three-storey building with a basement is to be placed at the building site. Lawns with paths leading to the entrances to the building are designated around the pavilion.

Premises of the new building of the air terminal complex according to the customer’s task are divided into the independent, but connected in a certain sequence zones.

A special zone, a VIP–zone, the main hall, a zone for passing and examination of the crews, a zone for media personnel are making the structure of the building zoning.

The first floor. In the central part of the building there is a space of the main hall with two tiers of windows with roof truss. The left part of the pavilion includes a garage shed, a special zone, and the VIP–zone; in the right part the passing and examination of the crew zone and the media personnel zone are situated.

Second floor. In the left part there is a special zone and the VIP–zone; a winter garden is in the center; in the right part there is the attendants and service premises zone of the Federal Protective Service.

The car passage to the main entrance and also to the garage shed is organized from the station square. Covered and opened parkings are located at the station square.