Monday, 25 March 2019

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Address:  50–52, Kutuzovsky Avenue, Moscow

Design — 2006


The 300–meter high–rise building will appear in Kutuzovsky Avenue, right behind the newly–constructed Vremena Goda («Four Seasons») shopping and recreation center.

The 60–storey tapering upwards pedestal rises over the square–angled one–storey stylobate. The pedestal presents a trefoil in plan view with a globe of 50 meters in diameter placed above it. Five lower storeys are designated for the public and business area: shopping and recreation facilities, sports and fitness objects, as well as audience areas, restaurants etc. are concentrated in the first two storeys, offices are located upwards. The hotel is situated on the 6th to the 28th floors, and above the apartments are placed. A cultural and entertainment center is situated in the top spherical volume. Two underground storeys are occupied by parking; an above–ground double–storey parking is also provided.

The building center occupies a communication core, which includes three units of panoramic elevators and stairs (besides the regular ones) opening to the atrium. Bridges and passages connect different zones, at the same time serving for amusement.

The main entrance to the building is designed from Kutuzovsky Avenue via the front staircase leading to the accessible stylobate roof, which serves as another recreation resource of the center.