Monday, 25 March 2019

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Address:  Saint Petersburg

Design — 2009


By the beginning of the work over the modern design of the New Holland Center, the later buildings had been removed from the artificial island, so it housed only the historic buildings constructed at Peter I times upon the project of S. Chevakinsky and J. Vallin de la Mothe for the needs of the Russian Navy which was storing of ship timber. According to the initial concept of the architects, the island should have perimeter development. But buildings were not constructed along the Kryukov Canal at that time.

The modern design of the New Holland public and business multifunctional center suggests completing the perimeter development of the island by constructing a new apart–hotel and the Festival Palace. According to the authors’ idea, the modern finishing materials and mirror glazing of the facades will reflect the historic development dating back to the times of Peter I. The existing buildings of the Prisoner Tower and the Forge, as well as the buildings along the Moyka River and the Kryukov Canal should be adapted for hotels, an office center, and a museum and exhibition center. Considering the buildings excessive width — up to 30 m — it is advisable to use their central part as spacious exhibition halls. The ground floors are designated for cafes and restaurants.

A two–level underground parking will be arranged under the whole courtyard space, including the artificial reservoir called the Scoop (Kovsh).