Friday, 27 November 2020

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Address:  Kremlin, Moscow

Design — 1995–1999
Realization — 1995–1999

State Prize of the Russian Federation.

Certificate of honor of the Government of Moscow.


In 1995–1999 the Grand Kremlin Palace has undergone the restoration of facades and reconstruction of original image of its premises, including entrance halls, main stairs, and passages and in 2007–2009 the Private hemisection (Sobstvennaya Polovina) was reconstructed.

The Palace received back the Aleksandrovsky and Andreyevsky Halls, destroyed in the 1930s when arranging of the USSR Supreme Council conference hall. Designers and constructors carefully restored all the architectural details of the interior, gold coating, tapestry; the insignias and state emblems were fixed in their places.

The podium, thrones and baldachin were restored in the Andreyevsky Hall. Palatial interiors were created in the additional building, constructed in the 1930s. The famous Georgiyevsky Hall and many other premises have undergone a serious scientific restoration. At the same time, the Palace, according to its contemporary purpose, was furnished with modern engineering, lighting, communicative and other equipment. The Private hemisection includes personal quarters of the royal family. The interiors of the Emperor’s and Empress’s studies, bedchamber and other premises were recreated according to the example of the 1840s — the time of their creation. Restoration of tapestry, carpets, furniture, chandeliers etc. was performed according to separate historical evidences that came down to us.

Technical and economic performance:

  • Total area — 24,100 m²
  • Total structural volume — 331,400 m³
Object category: Government facilities