Friday, 27 November 2020

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Address:  32/34, Smolenskaya–Sennaya Square, Moscow

Design — 1999
Realization — 1999


The building the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is one of seven Moscow high–rise buildings constructed in the early fifties. Authors of the project are Professor V. G. Gelfreikh and architect M. A. Minkus. The building is declared an architectural monument of the Soviet period.

Repairing and restoration of the building provided full replacement of engineering equipment, special attention was paid to communication systems, fire extinguishing, and central conditioning. Internal planning of the building has undergone slight changes. Garrets in the right and left wings were reconstructed into technical floors where modern engineering systems of ventilation, central air conditioning and communication were placed.

The project provided restoration of the main surface of facades of the building by replacement of the damaged ceramic blocks by new ones and continuous fastening of the blocks. A part of facing of the facade was replaced with newly manufactured ceramic blocks. Window blocks were replaced by modern blocks made from oak with exactly repeated window casements; the glazing was provided by two–chamber double-glazed windows answering special requirements of security service the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ceremonial rooms of the building the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which have status of architectural monuments preserved gorgeous finishing. Their reconstruction, as reconstruction of other unique rooms (for example, interiors of lobbies and halls of the 7th floor) was carried out in a restoration mode.

The main appearance of interiors of the building the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a unique architectural monument of the Stalin era was preserved.

Technical and economic performance:

  • Plottage — 2,47 hectares
  • Building area — 1,29 hectares
  • Total area of the building — 93 041 m²
Object category: Government facilities