Friday, 27 November 2020

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Address:  15/29 bld. 1, Strastnoy Boulevard, Moscow

Design — ???–???
Realization — ???–2015


The site with an area of 3.51 ha, allocated for the Moscow City Duma complex, is situated in the strictly controlled development area, within the frames of the historic and cultural monument (the former manor of the princes Gagarins’) which has been used by the city clinic hospital No. 24 until recently. The site borders with the Hermitage Garden from the side of Uspensky Lane on the north, with Karetny Ryad Street on the east, with Strastnoy Boulevard on the south and with residential houses on the west. The design provides reconstruction with adjustment of the preserved architectural monuments and recreation of the park area. New construction will be conducted at the territories free from buildings. The lost building of the main house of the manor (estate No. 14 in Uspensky Lane) will be recreated. Access way to the complex of the buildings of the Moscow City Duma are designated from Uspensky Lane, Karetny Ryad Street and Strastnoy Boulevard.

Object category: Government facilities