Friday, 27 November 2020

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Address:  4 bld. 2, Rakhmanovsky Lane, Moscow

Design — 1996–1999
Realization — 1998–1999


The building site is located deep in the quarter formed by Petrovka and Neglinka Streets from the west and east, Rakhmanovsky Lane and Petrovsky Lines from the north and south. The place of the building was earlier occupied by the 3–storey building, attributed to F. Shekhtel. The northern wall of the house, which has decayed and was earlier sentenced to demolition, was decided to be preserved and integrated into the structure of a new building and having restored the lost decor. The historic Shekhtel’s wall and the modern construction of the building form a stylistically unified complex. Three underground floors comprise parking. The ground floor accommodates the entrance hall and technical premises. The deputies’ offices are situated from the second to the fifth storey. The upper two storeys are occupied by a double–height circle council hall. Special configuration of the hall and acoustic coatings resulted in a marvelous acoustic effect.

Technical and economic performance:

  • Plottage — 0,13 hectares
  • Building area — 767 m²
  • Total area of the building — 6 035 m², including:
    • Above–ground block — 3 393 m²
    • Under–ground block — 2 642 m²
  • Total structural volume — 22 666 m³
  • Number of parking places in garage — 40
Object category: Government facilities