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Address:  61а, Kashirskoe Highway, Moscow

Design — 2001
Realization — 2002–2004

The project of the church was developed with the blessing of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II.

Order of Russian Orthodox Church of St. Andrey Rublev of the III degree.


The building site is located at the specially protected territory of the «Natural and historical park «Tsaritsyno».

The church complex includes the main temple for the sake of the Holy Trinity, a belfry, Blessed Alexander Nevsky's chapel, a clergy house, the building of the Patriarchal Metochion, a parish school, rooms of a parish council and a number of small household and cult buildings.

The building of the church has a cubic volume of classical Byzantine cross–dome type without narthex with the covered overgate belfry of round tower–shape attached from the west side. The Alexander Nevsky’s Chapel has octagon hemispherical dome on top. The clergy house is a two–storey building including a refectory, administration premises, workshops, a laundry and so forth. The territory of the metochion includes a pedestrian bridge and a parking and is surrounded by a transparent shod fencing. Interposition of all of the constructions of the complex satisfy the requirements of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The paved areas for carrying out festive actions and cross processions during the ceremonies, several pedestrian and automobile roads are provided. In the protected apple–tree garden of the parish school the recreation area for children is organized.

Technical and economic performance:

  • Building area of the Holy Trinity Church — 1 100 m²
  • Cathedral height without cross — 46 m
  • Maximum capacity — up to 1 500 people
  • Building area of the Alexander Nevsky Chapel — 100 m²
  • Chapel height — 16,4 m
  • Building area of a belfry (bell tower) — 100 m²
  • Belfry height — 15 m
  • Bridge width — 6 m
  • Total area of the complex — 2 300 m²
Object category: Religious buildings