Friday, 27 November 2020

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Address:  Spas Doshchatiy village, Zaraysky district, Moscow region

Design — 2007
Realization — 2008


The Transfiguration Church has been built in 1709 with the blessing of the Archbishop of Vyatka and Velikoperm Region Dionysius. The main temple building remained from that time; the dominating composition of octagon placed on quadrangle is an example of the architecture of early Petr I times. Composition and decorative methods of the Moscow baroque are combined with new forms of decorations in architecture unusual for Zaraysky district, which have reflected influence of the Western European baroque motives. The complicated design of window finials similar to fascia of Church of the Transfiguration can be found in Vyatka churches of 1760–1770 that allows to assume existence of a single source of this original form brought to the walls of the rural temple by the customer.

In the 19th century the church had undergone reconstruction. The altar had been reconstructed in 1861, a refectory and a belltower — in 1898 and 1906.

The portals we redesigned during the classicism era and their form is close to Old Russian samples. The classical order architecture of late parts of the building has a little simplified interpretation of details, but has good proportions and ratio correlation with earlier buildings. The belltower consists of three square floors with dome on the top. There is no wall–painting in interiors, iconostases and internal furniture are absent.

The Transfiguration Church which is a monument of architecture of early Petr I times was restored in 2008; it undoubtedly deserves attention and is of art interest to all who love Russian art and architecture.

Object category: Religious buildings