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Address:  Kremlin, Moscow

Design — 2007–2009
Realization — 2007–2009

Laureate of the XVIII Architecture 2010 International Festival (Bronze Diploma).


The Private Hemisection in the Kremlin Palace complex, which was created according to the example of Grand Ducal palaces («terems»), was the personal quarters of the royal family. The enfilade of the Private Hemisection residential premises runs along the main southern facade of the Palace. Alongside with luxuriance, the chamber nature and homeliness are inherent to the premises. Rich gilded moldings and inlaid doors of fine wood add a special festivity to the interior. The covered gallery is located over the passage part of the premises of the southern and western facades.

The first years of the Palace existence showed the disadvantages of such architectural solution and improper waterproofing: leakages and their consequences had to be eliminated throughout the whole time of the use of the Palace. The restoration design was performed according to archive and field studies of the period when premises were completed, that is the middle XIX century. First, it was necessary to reconstruct the vaults covering all the premises of the ceremonial enfilade. Metallic facing was dismantled, ceiling structures were reconstructed. The process of cleaning had discovered original color solutions and certain details, which gained a different interpretation during the later repair works.

The works in the Private Hemisection interiors presented significant difficulty, related to restoring of artificial marble finishing the walls, vaults, pilasters etc. A special attention was drawn to restoration of the doors, which were partially burnt and partially damaged, as well as to restoration of the fabric decorations. The chandeliers were allocated at their historic places. The furniture was arranged according to the archive documents.

Object category: Cultural facilities