Monday, 18 January 2021

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Address:  Kremlin, Moscow

Design — 1993–1994
Realization — 1993–1994


The idea of demolition of the dining room and restoration of the Red Porch belongs to employees of the Museums of the Moscow Kremlin. The Cultural Fund has supported the initiative. Experts from Mosproject–2 have developed the project of reconstruction of the Red Porch. The project was started only in 1993: the building of the dining room has been demolished and the foundation for the Red Porch was laid. The restoration of the Red Porch was finished in the summer of 1994.

The Red Porch was restored exactly the same way as it looked before dismantling. The ladder of 32 steps is divided into marches by three landings (lockers). Its right side directly adjoins the southern facade of the Faceted Chamber, and the wide stone parapet is built on the left side. Sculptures of white stone lions are placed on parapets of the landings. There are three lions there, two lying on the parapets of the lower and average landings, and one sitting with a heraldic board in forepaws on the top landing.

Two porticoes with arches and the «disrupted» pediments in which two white stone eagles «with two faces» are placed at the entrance to the ladder. Unlike lions, double–faced eagles are high reliefs in a form of thick plates connected one to another by a crossing point. Images of two–headed eagles were often used in ornaments of the monuments of the Moscow Kremlin: they decorate an internal portal of the Faceted Chamber, portals of the Teremnoy Palace, the Spasskaya Tower facades.

The revived Red Porch has absolutely changed the image of the Sobornaya Square of the Kremlin. It has returned the solemn main entrance to the Faceted Chamber and allowed to restore ancient traditions of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Object category: Cultural facilities