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Address:  4/2, Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street, Moscow

Design — 1997–2002
Realization — 2002


The Bolshoi Theatre performs for more than 170 years. About 300 performances take place on its stage every year. For commercial reasons the number of seats has been gradually enlarged. The number of the stuff has also increased. Natural result of such growth and intensification was deficiency of rehearsal halls, storehouses and studios which led to necessity of reconstruction; that meant to hand over a number of buildings and sites in adjacent quarters to the theater. The latter has defined the main ideas of the project, which were:

  • to solve the technological problems of the theater by handing over the buildings;
  • to minimize intervention into historical appearance of the Bolshoi Theatre and to conduct scientific restoration and technical re–equipment works carefully;
  • to preserve and rehabilitate the urban plan of Theatre Square.

The first stage of the complex development included:

  • branch house with a hall with 950 seats, a scene and storehouses for scenery and costumes. The stage was equipped with a system of lifting platforms, a ballet truck, and devices for stage effects. The transformed orchestra board provides a possibility of carrying out symphony concerts, expansion of the number of seats in the hall is possible;
  • the auxiliary building with the rehearsal halls and rooms for troupe which are grouped around the multifunctional yard or an atrium to which the facade of the restored architecture monument «Shcherbatov's House» is turned to;
  • the underground engineering block serving all buildings of the complex in which transformer substations, a pump, a central heat distribution station, a refrigerating station are placed;
  • production and storehouse complex in the suburbs of Moscow.

The architecture of the complex is subject to historical town–planning modules and building lines of the area. The natural relief was used to create the engineering block on the roof of the entrance square in front of the branch building. Height differences are solved as slopes with planted trees and shrubs, the fountain cascade focused on the entrance portico of the branch is installed.

Technical and economic performance:

Branch establishment

  • Total area of the building — 23 324 m²
  • Total structural volume — 130 774 m³

Auxiliary building

  • Total area of the building — 11 496 m²
  • Total structural volume — 52 603 m³

Engineering Unit

  • Total area of the building — 1 618 m²
  • Total structural volume — 8 427 m³


  • Total area of the building — 23 324 m²
  • Total structural volume — 130 774 m³

Art and production workshops

  • Total area of the building — 11 989 m²
  • Total structural volume — 66 576 m³

Production and warehouse complex

  • Total area of the building — 6 641 m²
  • Total structural volume — 69 776 m³
Object category: Cultural facilities