Wednesday, 24 April 2019

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Address:  5, Red Square, Moscow

The project of restoration is based on the construction works which ended in 1893 taking into account the changes made by architect R. Klein during construction. A constructive basis of the building is a system of inner columns on which lean the arches of vaulted arch ceilings. It gives the planning a modular character, allowing to vary the sizes of the rooms. The composition of facades with an even decor rhythm is subordinated with a rhythm of an internal framework support of the building.

Design decisions are aimed to identify and save the planning and constructive scheme of the building, and of the elements of design and decor. The lavish decor of facades and high roofs of risalites in the form of tents with crests imitate architecture of Old Russian towers of the 17th century. The decor of facades, which is an uncommon example of architecture of the pseudo–Russian style, is preserved and restored.

Object category: Cultural facilities