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Address:  3 bld.1/2, Znamenka Street, Moscow

Design — 2001–2002
Realization — 2002–2003


Expansion of the Gallery of the national artist of the USSR A. M. Shilov was realized by extension of the earlier operating art gallery.

The building site is located in the Central administrative district, in close proximity to the Borovitskaya Square, the important knot of historic center of the city. In the northwest the new gallery building adjoins the architecture monument, the former house of the famous Moscow architect of the 19th century E. D. Tyurin built in the second half the 1820, and partially reconstructed in the 1880–1890 according to the projects of F. M. Shestakov and G. A. Kaiser.

The main entrance to the art gallery is organized from the Borovitskaya Square; a driveway is located on Znamenka Street. The annex to the gallery is a rectangular four–storey building with a protruding central part decorated by a portico. There are a lobby, a cash desk, a booth, a watchpost, an excursion bureau, and premises for administrator on the first floor. Exposition halls occupy the second, third and fourth floors.

Natural marble is widely used for facing of the lobby floors on the first floor, the main ladders (including rail–posts, handrail and curbstones of balustrades of protections of ladders), in internal finishing of the building. Surfaces of the walls of the main premises of the gallery are decorated by modelled plaster elements. The supporting columns, both in exposition halls, and on the main ladder, are decorated with elements of the classical Corinthian orders. Floors in the halls are executed as mosaic parquet with decorative sockets.

In front of the main facade of the new building of the gallery, the wide sidewalk from granite plates joining the semicircular platform around the main entrance is provided. At the place where earlier existed Nikola Streletsky's church the chapel is constructed, complex improvement was executed and shrubs and trees were planted in the arranged square at the intersection of Znamenka and Volhonka Streets. External illumination of the facade is provided.

Technical and economic performance:

  • Plottage — 0,74 hectares
  • Building area — 0,0435 hectares
  • Total area — 1 970 m², including:
    • Under–ground block — 362 m²
    • Above–ground block — 1 608 m²
  • Total structural volume — 8 910 m³
Object category: Cultural facilities