Friday, 27 November 2020

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Address:  Triumfalnaya Square, Moscow

Design — 2002


The building site is determined by existing building lines of 1st and 2nd Brestskaya Streets and Peking Hotel on Bolshaya Sadovaya Street. A lawn will be preserved along the facade of the building of the Moscow City Architecture Committee and a local 6–meter driveway and 2–meter sidewalk to the theater facade.

The hall and the stage adjoin the Theater glass wall by one of their sides. To achieve good sound proofing from city noises double–glazing is provided. The space between double–glazed windows can be used for exhibitions, performance announcements, and posters. When louvers are open, it is possible to observe what’s going on in the Theater from the street, for this purpose the corner was cut off on the building plan; and the stage together with the audience hall were turned towards the exit from Mayakovskaya metro station. Thus, in front of the entrance to the Theater the small square two steps higher than the sidewalk is formed.

The underground part of the Theater has three storeys; a parking for the audience and the staff of the Theater, technical zones, storehouse and service premises are situated there. The above–ground part of the designed building comprises 5 storeys.

The audience hall represents a unified space: the hall floor is on the same level with the stage floor. The seats are located as amphitheater, part of them at the scene level. In the audience hall the roundabout gallery for the actors is provided which widens the performance opportunities.

Foyers are located on two floors, to each of which there are exits from the hall.

Technical and economic performance:

Version No. 1

  • Number of parking places — 88
  • Auditorium — 375 seating accommodation
  • Total area of the building — 10 850 m², including:
    • Above–ground block — 6 150 m²
    • Under–ground block — 4 700 m²

Version No. 2

  • Number of parking places — 66
  • Auditorium — 376 seating accommodation
  • Total area of the building — 10 500 m², including:
    • Above–ground block — 6 120 m²
    • Under–ground block — 4 380 m²
Object category: Cultural facilities