Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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Address:  Novy Arbat Street, Moscow

Design — 2006–2008


The design of Novy Arbat Street reconstruction was developed in the middle 1990s. It implied arrangement of Arbatsky Boulevard as a pedestrian axis over the underground transport level, which would link together the existing and additionally placed buildings along both sides of the road. The design has unexpectedly experienced a repeated wave of public interest in connection with the proclaimed program of usage of the underground space in junction points of transport and pedestrian frame in the central part and medial belt of the capital. This place witnessed worsening environmental features of one of the city’s most prestigious places. It happened against the background of aggressive automobilization and deepening parking problems in the historic center.

The realization of the project besides the direct urban development effect, to a large extent predetermines further ways of solving transport and environmental problems in the city center, facilitates directing of transport flows to chordate routes etc.

A new social and urban development quality of the environment of Arbat district is created due to the new green boulevard, opening to the Kremlin and the Moskva River. The area is improved with architectural landscape elements and connected by axial and crossing pedestrian links, additional covered galleries and green cour d’honneur squares.

Object category: Urban planning