Tuesday, 22 January 2019

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Address:  Kiev direction of the Moscow Railway, Moscow

Design — 2007


The design provides the radical transformation of the Moscow Railway segment at Kiev direction for about 2 km long. The existing railway track and railway infrastructure facilities will be compactly accommodated in a special covered engineering structure protected from noise and vibrations — a so–called «platform». A multifunctional center, including public and residential buildings, apartments, hotels, public green territories and transportation infrastructure, will be created on this platform and released territory.

It is suggested to construct a 240 meters–high tower comprising apartments. The tower will be surrounded by two office mini–blocks at the beginning of the designed block, close to the Third Ring Road. Starting from this tower and towards Victory Park (Park Pobedy) the buildings height will be gradually reduced. The height of the development consisting of straight and curved buildings (dwelling houses and middle class hotels) and forming convenient courtyards, will reduce to 3–4 storeyes towards Park Pobedy. All buildings are to have roofs sloping to the side of Kutuzovsky Avenue. It is planned to make landscaping of the roofs and use them as additional recreation areas for the inhabitants of the houses. A shopping and recreation center and a rapid public transport station, as well as a suburban railway station will be accommodated at the southern part of the building complex.

A planted boulevard with a width of 60 to 30 m, which is to unite all the block spaces, will be arranged along the buildings in parallel to Kutuzovsky Avenue. A line of low–rise public and service facilities will be constructed along the boulevard and will be connected with it by lateral pedestrian bridges. Russia has never seen such designs implying the urban buildings based on the artificial foundation coverage over the functioning railway track before.

Object category: Urban planning