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Address:  Manezhnaya Square, Moscow

Design — 1994–1997
Realization — 1996–1997

Laureate of the «Best project realized in 1990–2000» Competition.

Laureate of the XIII International Architecture–2005 festival.


From ancient times this area was a trade place, where residential and trading houses were built. In 1932 all of them have been demolished. The Manezhnaya Square has for a long time turned into the huge asphalt field, which was ecologically harmful and was of low aesthetic appearance. To the 850th Moscow anniversary the Square has changed. Newly organized space not only was naturally included into the general composition of the Kremlin, the Alexander Gardens and historical buildings of Mokhovaya Street with the Moscow university, but also has provided unity in style of old Moscow architecture.

The Okhotny Ryad Center is located on the crossing of the historical main roads of the capital: Tverskaya and Mokhovaya Streets. Its surface is solved as a system of squares terracing amphitheatrically to the Alexander Gardens and looking to the Kremlin; it is a beautiful square with pedestrian esplanades, fountains, and sculptures. Great views of Moscow open from the upper terrace. At the bottom one can admire liberated Neglinka River which embankment is framed by a white stone balustrade. Facades of not high elevated part of the complex are solved as arcades of traditional Russian malls. The square can also boast Clock of the World displaying time in different places of Northern hemisphere and acting as a roof–light for the underground space. Gorgeous show–windows of shops, restaurants, cafes and so forth stretch along the Center galleries which make this shopping center convenient for visitors.

Russia's first underground archaeological museum created around the dug–out foundations of old Voskresensky Bridge which in the 18th century connected coast of Neglinka is also situated there.

Object category: Objects of social sphere