Monday, 18 January 2021

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Address:  4, Ilyinka Street, Moscow

Design — 1995–2000
Realization — 1995–2000

Laureate of the competition on the best reconstruction, restoration and construction of buildings in historic center of Moscow.


The Old Gostiny Dvor (Merchant Court) building was designed by the Italian architect Giacomo Quarenghi in 1789 and was under construction for almost 30 years.

The reconstruction and restoration design, provided for careful restoration of the exterior image of the building, construction of an additional storey (the attic), as well as a total functional re–equipment using up–to–date engineering systems.

The main compositional element of the design is the granite–paved internal courtyard, covered by a translucent roof, the dome, equipped with snow–melt, condensate collection and removal systems. The length of the dome structure is about 150 m; an average width is 90 m. The unique atrium covering is constructed without intermediate supports: it is supported by columns, based on the new foundation and penetrating through the walls.

Restoration of the Old Gostiny Dvor was performed on the basis of archive and field studies in accordance with the original design of G. Quarenghi. At the same time, the present–day Gostiny Dvor is one of the largest up–to–date business, shopping and recreation centers, offering the full range of necessary services, which is equipped according to the highest international standards.

Technical and economic performance:

  • The Old Gostiny dvor total area — 96 252 m², including:
    • Yard area — 11 860 m²
    • Underground part area — 1 622 m²
    • Transport and communication collector area — 3 945 m²
    • Observation point area — 978 m²
Object category: Objects of social sphere