Friday, 27 November 2020

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Address:  9 bld. 2, Marksistskaya Street, Moscow

Design — 2008–2009
Realization — 2009


The site of construction is located in historical part of the city neighboring with Alekseevsky Monastery, in the depth of the residential quarter constrained by Marksistskaya and Abelmanovskaya Streets.

The schoolhouse is a spatially developed educational complex which in spite of being tightly constrained by surrounding building has all necessary territorial opportunities: recreation areas, sports, educational, skilled and economic platforms, and a radial fire bypass.

The four–storey building of the school was designed taking into account functional division of the senior and elementary grades and day–care center. Besides offices and educational halls there are a choreography hall with locker rooms and shower, big and small gyms, an auditorium for 450 seats with a stage, a technical center and artistic rooms. Besides a room for books storage a reading room with a media library and specialized information center is located in the library. In creative development premises intended for fine arts, music, singing, technical creativity also are placed a photo and video studio, a laboratory for young naturalists, a hall for studying of the theory of music.

Hall type recreation zones on the top floor are equipped with ceiling light lamps. All recreational zones can be used for carrying out public actions and parties.

Object category: Objects of social sphere