Thursday, 21 January 2021

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Address:  Moscow

Design — 2006
Realization — 2007


The larger part of the construction is represented by the accessible roof over the historic building — the warehouses of Smirnov, the famous alcoholic drinks manufacturer. The pedestrian zone consists of three parts.

The segment, starting from the bridge to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and to the reconstructed single–storey historic building constitutes a two–level junction of squares, allowing to organize a passage from the bridge to the pedestrian zone. The reinforced concrete 4 meter–high box structure allows to arrange a panoramic exhibition hall with the area of 1,130 m² in the under–square space.

The next part of the pedestrian zone is arranged as the accessible roof of the reconstructed historic building surrounded by the glassed passages.

The lower part of the pedestrian zone situated under the platform, comprises the two–storey museum and exhibition center with the area of 3,000 m².

The segment of flyover and the bridge across the Obvodnoy Canal complete the zone.

The design of the platform, flyover and bridge construction provided for the demolishing of railway substation structures, erection of the escalator hall and technical premises, arrangement of approach ramps, facing and pavement of the pedestrian part, installation of elevators and escalators, improvement of the adjacent territory.

Technical and economic performance:

  • Total area:
    • Showroom (basement) — 1 200 m²
    • Showroom (1st floor) — 1 200 m²
    • Attached glass corridors — 500 m²
    • Lobby of the showroom (–2nd floor) — 500 m²
    • Lobby of the showroom (–1st floor)) — 500 m²
    • Exhibition space (2nd floor) — 3 900 m²
    • Pedestrian platform passing into the bridge (2nd floor) — 1 700 m²
    • Terrace (2nd floor) — 355 m²
    • Pedestrian platform (the accessible roof) (3rd floor) — 3 800 m²
    • Total area of improvement — 8 000 m²
    • Planting — 3 000 m²
  • Total structural volume:
    • Showroom (basement) — 5 000 m³
    • Showroom (1st floor) — 5 000 m³
    • Attached glass corridors — 2 300 m³
    • Lobby of the showroom (–2nd floor) — 6 400 m³
    • Lobby of the showroom (–1nd floor) — 6 400 m³
    • Exhibition space (2nd floor) — 15 130 m³
Object category: Public improvements