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Address:  Kamergersky Lane, Moscow

Design — 1998
Realization — 1998

Prize for high quality design at the competition of the Government of Moscow on the best restoration, reconstruction, and renewal of monuments of architecture is awarded.


Creation of the pedestrian zone was dedicated to the 100 anniversary of the Moscow Art Theatre and it was completed by October 26, 1998.

Creation of the pedestrian zone in Kamergersky Lane was a part of implementation of the program of complex reconstruction of the central part of Moscow. Kamergersky Lane is situated in the strictly controlled city planning area between Tverskaya and Bolshaya Dmitrovka Streets, it is 200 meters long and 18 meters wide. The Lane development was mostly formed in the pre–revolutionary period; book stores, manufactured goods shops, groceries, restaurants and cafes are concentrated there; the conceptual core is represented by the MKHAT (the Moscow Art Theater) building.

The transport transition was removed from the Lane, retaining walls with installed seats and fencing poles were arranged from the sides of Tverskaya and Bolshaya Dmitrovka Streets.

Asphalt coating was replaced by pavement. The monument to A. P. Chekhov (sculptor — M. K. Anikushin) is installed in front of the theater building, on the background of the end wall of building No. 4 — the former Chevalier Hotel. Architectural decorating of the wall in the form of a curtain, and also small forms of beautification of the Lane are executed in the stylistics close to decorative elements of the Moscow Art Theatre created by the architect F. Schechtel. Development on both sides of the Lane has been reconstructed, the hotel building has been restored and an open gallery has been arranged in its ground floor. The set of urban furniture and illuminating equipment was carefully worked out, including announcement posts, seats, flower beds, urns etc. They are united by the same historic address — the epoch of Art Nouveau.

After the Arbat and Stoleshnikovy Lane Moscow has found one more pedestrian street, new focus of city activity.

Technical and economic performance:

  • Plottage — 0,5 hectares
  • Improvement area — 0,5 hectares
  • Total area of a paving from granite stone blocks — 4 900 m²
  • Area of the facades which are subject to restoration works — 10 000 m²
  • Restoration and renovation of facades — 4 500 m²
Object category: Public improvements