Thursday, 21 January 2021

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Address:  Kudrinskaya Square, Moscow

Design — 1998–2009
Realization — 1998–2009

Contest project. 2001.


To finish the architectural appearance of Kudrinskaya Square in the public garden opposite to the Novinsky shopping and business center a fountain was built. The classical architectural order lies in the basis of its graphic decision. The fountain has a triple level construction. The lower tier is made in a form of a round granite bowl with a diameter of 12 meters and represents an element of the Doric order. The bowl of the middle tier is formed from the Ionic order details — semi–columns and capitals. The wavy form of a single cover plate of the capitals allows to create a picturesque water overflow from the middle bowl into the lower one. The central composition element of the fountain is the Corinthian capital upon a column. The hydroplastic solution of the fountain represents classical centric composition. The streams spouting up from a capital fall down and get to the bowl of the second tier. Twenty streams from the lower bowl in the form of water arches also hit the bowl of the second tier. Water from the bowl of the second tier is poured into the lower bowl through a wavy figured edge.

The art lighting of the fountain emphasizes the water composition in the evenings.

According to the general creative plan a set of architectural small forms was created for the public garden: a decorative floor lamp, a garden bench and a litterbin. The system of gardening was restored, large–sized and decorative forms of trees and bushes were planted, and flower beds were arranged.

Object category: Public improvements