Friday, 27 November 2020

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Address:  7/10 bld. 1, Maly Znamensky Lane, Moscow

Design — 2004–2005
Realization — 2005


The building site of the 7–storey residential building with an attic floor is located in immediate proximity to the Kremlin. It has entrances on Kolymazhnaya Street as well as from the courtyard.

The parking is designed on two underground levels. The semi–basement floor is designated for technical premises. The ground floor comprises an entrance hall, three residential apartments, technical premises, elevator lobbies. The memorial apartment of the artist N. N. Kupreyanov is recreated on the second floor. The seventh and the eighth (attic) floors are occupied by two–level apartments with different space and two–side orientation. The upper levels of two–level apartments comprise open accessible terraces.

The building’s architecture represents the style of the tenement houses of the late XIX – early XX century, which corresponds to the development of the neighboring streets.

Object category:  Residential buildings