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Address:  4, Kapranova Lane, Moscow

Design — 1998
Realization — 1998


There were several variants of the residential house. At first it was supposed to be a continuation of the existing house, and then the customer wanted to have a separate house. At the first stage the building was created in the post constructivist style corresponding with the extension; then at the second stage, the authors designed a stylistically independent tower with complex plastic and architectural details of combination of walls and glass.

The building site is located in one of the prestigious areas in the center of Moscow in the immediate proximity to the Government House of Russia, the Center of international trade, and systems of parks, gardens, ponds and sports facilities of the central part of the city.

Free from transit cargo and passenger flows area has convenient transport access. The building has 13–storeys. On the West side there is a nine–storey residential building–tower constructed in the 1960–ies, the Eastern section is limited to eight–storey multi–dwelling house, built in the prewar period.

The first two floors of the stylobate of the designed building comprise offices, a meeting hall, a swimming pool, common areas, and consumer services. In the underground floors a parking for residents and technical services are situated. Apartments with total area of 400 m² are designed from the third to the tenth floors of the house. The eleventh and thirtieth floors are the apartments of the penthouse style.

Height of above–ground floors, considering the increased areas of apartments, is 3,60 m. The architecture of the house represents the existing stylistic development of the 1940–50th.

Technical and economic performance:

  • Estate area of the house — 0,09 hectares
  • Area of improvement section — 0,15 hectares
  • Total area of the building — 6 946 m²
  • Total structural volume — 29 426 m², including:
    • Under–ground block — 6 088 m³
    • Above–ground block — 23 338 m³
Object category:  Residential buildings