Monday, 23 July 2018

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Address:  3, Sechenovsky Lane, Moscow

Design — 1998
Realization — 1998–1999


The designed project is bounded by Ostozhenka and Prechistenka streets and Mansurovsky and Sechenovsky Lanes. The urban–planning situation is characterized by a combination of separate fragments of a small–scale historical environment of groups of 4–6–storey rented houses.

The 6–storey residential building is designed for only 5 apartments — from 3–room to 8–room apartments. There are sports and recreation center with a swimming–pool, sauna and gym on the ground floor. The one– and two–level apartments with improved comfort are situated from second to sixth floor. The underground storey comprises a parking, it is designed according to the estimated two cars for one apartment.

The architectural facade solution — bay window at the end of the building looking to Ostozhenka Street, with the curved gable and gaily decorated art–nouveau majolica panel — answers to the character and style of the environment. Decorative elements of the facades correspond to the scale of neighboring low–rise buildings.

Technical and economic performance:

  • Building area — 0,066 hectares
  • Total area of the house — 2 843 m², including underground part — 493 m²
  • Total area of living space — 1 955,90 m²
  • Area of sport center — 160,30 m²
  • Total structural volume — 9 854,80 m³, including underground part — 1 620 m³
  • Number of storeys — 4–6
  • Number of apartments — 5:
    • 7–room two–storey apartments — 2 (340 m²)
    • 8–room two–storey apartment — 1 (567 m²)
    • 3–room apartments — 2 (172 m²)
  • Number of parking places in underground parking — 10
Object category:  Residential buildings