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Address:  19, Bakhrushina Street, Moscow

Design — 1995–1996
Realization — 1997–1997


The building site is bounded by the Zatsepsky Val, Tatarskaya, and Bakhrushina Streets and Bolshoy Tatarsky Lane.

One of parts of the designed building occupies administration premises, in the other are residential apartments. Both parts are united by the basement floor where there are an underground parking and technical rooms. Entrance to underground parking is designed from south side of Bakhrushina Street.

The residential part of the building represents a seven–story volume with a mansard floor. From two to four four apartments are located on each floor. The internal framework of the building allows flexible planning of apartments at the customer request. Apartments of the increased comfort have tripartite orientation and sufficient illumination.

The uninhabited part of the building is intended for administration premises and is separated from residential part by a fire bypass.

Fragments of facades of the house and extension are faced with ceramic glazed tiles, decorative plaster profiles and eaves are used. Protections of balconies and loggias are made of the shod decorative lattices executed according to author's drawings.

Technical and economic performance:

  • Plottage — 0,16 hectares
  • Area of the lot:
    • House — 565,6 m²
    • Offices — 147,2 m²
  • Total area of the house — 4 635 m², including underground part — 867,2 m²
  • Garage area — 657,3 m²
  • Offices — 270 m², including underground part — 50 m²
  • Total structural volume of the house — 15 837 m³, including underground part — 3 535 m³
  • Total amount of the offices — 1 000 m³, including underground part — 185 m³
  • Number of floors of the house — 7 + attic
  • Number of floors of the offices — 2 + attic
  • Number of apartments — 12
  • Area of apartments — 85–200 m²
  • Total area of apartments — 2 812,55 m²
Object category:  Residential buildings