Friday, 22 June 2018

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Address:  16, Davydkovskaya Street, Moscow

Design — 2003
Realization — 2005


The building site is situated in the area with five–storey residential houses of the first period of panel housing construction which were subject to complex reconstruction. The Setun River flows 550 meters to the south of the site.

The volume solution of the building is of original form: its elevated part represents a composition of two different–sized volumes ellipse–shape in plan united by floor transitions and an elevator block.

The object has developed underground part; its non–standard catchy silhouette is placed considering the visual perception from Davydkovskaya Street and is compositionally coordinated with the designed natural wildlife area «The valley of the Setun Rivern».

The house consists of two sections with stairs and elevator units including four elevators and two staircases. In each section four to five two–, three– and four–room apartments are designed according to requirements of the customer. In the underground part of the building autonomous entrances to the parkings are organized.

The territory of the site is well arranged; there are fences along the entire perimeter, leisure areas are designed, flower beds and lawns are arranged. Guest parkings are provided along Davydkovskaya Street.

Technical and economic performance:

  • Plottage — 1,02 hectares
  • Building area — 1 500 m²
  • Total area of the building — 44 780 m², including underground part — 10 010 m²
  • Total structural volume of the building — 168 680 m³, including underground part — 41 325 m³
  • Number of floors, including:
    • Under–ground block — 2
    • Above–ground block — 23
  • Number of parking places in underground parking — 200
  • Number of apartments — 214
Object category:  Residential buildings