Saturday, 20 October 2018

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Address:  Barvikha village, Moscow region

Design — 1998–2000
Realization — 1998–2000

The project of the church was developed with the blessing of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II.


Metochion of Zachatyevsky nunnery is designed and under construction in the Barvikha village. A wooden church of the Mother of God’s Protection (the architect A. A. Latkov, 1911) was located not far from the building site at the beginning of the last century. Later it had been destroyed, and other constructions occupied the place. Nowadays the church is rebuilt at the territory of the metochion.

The wooden church of the Mother of God’s Protection is designed in traditions of the Russian wooden architecture; it has two tents and five gilded heads.

Cut down from massive wood (average diameter of logs is 30 cm), the temple’s basis is faced with «wild» stone. In the ground floor technical rooms are located. The temple has a big central porch and two auxiliary side porches. A roof of the temple is made from copper.

A circle passage is arranged around the temple providing transport access to any object of the complex. There is a fence around the territory and sacred gates with a gatehouse. The whole complex has modern engineering equipment.

Object category: Religious buildings